Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photo Restoration

 Claye has been doing some photo restoration at her workplace. People bring in old photos--worn, stained, and wrinkled--and she reconstructs them. Last month a man brought in this tiny little picture of a schoolboy.
 First, Claye had to scan and enlarge the photo. I think at this point I would have called it a hopeless cause. The reconstruction seems nearly impossible, considering the cloudiness, stains, and huge missing sections. Even replacing all the missing stripes on the shirt is daunting. For one thing, the design must be continued  in a way that doesn't look unnatural.

 The expression is made harder by the very fact that it isn't serene and even, but a serious little pout.
 Anyway, here's the results so far. He's still a little blurry, but I think he does look better without the red goop on his face.


jaerose said...

I like both before and after..that face could project through any 'gloop'..I would love to see him now..also what he was thinking then..I guess that's for us to restore! jae

Johanna said...

Looking great! I love restoration projects!

oldegg said...

I still have an old program on my computer that I have edited pictures such as this. (I think the operating system hates it!) Being color blind with some colors I too get back to black and white to edit and and there is great pride to see the old long gone relatives appear out of the gunk!

Who wouldn't want to have a closer look at the boy with such appealing eyes. Well done Claye!

aftergrace said...

She did a great job. This is really a nice photo.