Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nate, Descendant of Yorick

Since she works at a gallery and has some time on her hands, my daughter, Claye, has been toying with the idea of giving art lessons. No sooner did Turtle hear this than he decided to become her first pupil. Well, he is colorblind, so being reluctant to plunge into oil or acrylics, he began with sketching and drawing faces. For several weeks he's been working on technique, but Claye is not the most complimentary of daughters. She insists that he's looking at the picture and then drawing from preconceived ideas and not what he is actually seeing. So, in order to make him feel the underlying structure of the human face, she ordered a prop for him on eBay. It arrived in fine form, rattling about in the box with a page of paper attached to the jaw that had one word on it:  "Nate". 
I have to say that seeing his grin on the kitchen bar or in the drawing room takes a little getting used to.


Carina said...

I still say she needs a big dribbly candle for its head.

aftergrace said...

Nate, the late great?

Johanna said...

If Claye hasn't recommended it already... Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards, is a great book for learning how to draw what you see. :)