Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I Was Late to Work This Morning

When I first saw this promise of a sunrise,
I somehow knew that I'd be late today.
For I felt compelled to turn my face directly toward the East;
and meander through the country,
making stops along the way.
The air was damp from clouds
now flaming distant,
Reflecting orange against the morning blue,
And I saw the lines that streaked o'erhead;
I saw the roads beneath,
As side by side they raced along
to reach a day so new
it hadn't yet put forth a cry or whisper,
and blankets still were swaddled around its face. So I drove until I reached a meadow;
there beneath the trees. I waited, wondering all alone, for the sun to take its place


Roshelle said...

I saw that this morning, too, and pointed it out to Regan... the V really caught my eye. Every morning is a new canvas. Tuesday was quite interesting too... Fog below the sun rise line and blue skies above, actually splitting the sun in half horizontally. Just amazing.

Catherine Denton said...

Your words...the pictures...beautiful!

Karen Whittal said...

What amazing pictures, and well worth being late for work, I am sure when you showed your boss he understood....

Jane Doe said...

Your poem is as lovely as the pics. Teh sunrise is an extraordinary thing to witness. Great writing!