Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ubiquitous Moses

A couple of my seventh-grade students are painting a mural for the Exodus Museum. It was originally supposed to reflect the three miracles given to Moses for a sign that God had authorized his leadership. These were: a rod changing into a snake, a vial of water turning to blood, and a hand briefly becoming leprous. Somehow, due to a lack of picture references, the mural also changed, morphing into mini-scenes from the life of Moses. Since one of the boys has been absent a lot, I've been helping with the backgrounds and water and leaving the detail work to the boys. We decided that shadow people were going to be easier to paint and just as effective. Anyway, since Moses keeps popping up everywhere I've decided to call it Ubiquitous Moses. Here's a half-finished picture. When it's complete, I'll post the final product.


Carina said...

I don't know...the shadowy Moses has a bit of the grim reaper feel to him. =)

Rose said...

good efforts good work thanks for your comment on my post mentioning the blessing tree. take care rose