Saturday, October 2, 2010

Small Towns in October

The only way to really see a small town is to walk around in it...preferably in the early morning while all the people are asleep and the noisy semi-trucks are still parked somewhere at an all night truck stop.
We have one stoplight here, with a real pedestrian button and everything, but in the morning you can cross our only four-lane thoroughfare anywhere you wish with intrepidity.

I took pictures all along the route and saved a few favorites:
Here's an old car wash turned into a hay storage shed. Now in a city, where real estate is valuable along main streets, this would never happen, but here, well, as long as it's not in my own back yard, I think it's rather charming.

I also found an old car abandoned in a forest of weeds, its headlights peeping out at the newer, faster models that whiz by all day long.


Rose said...

we have a town that has only one light. it's cute. i esp. like the photo of the car. take care. rose

Roshelle said...

I love these pictures... I've seen the haybales in the carwash and didn't give it a second thought. These pictures have made me more aware of my own town and other small towns I pass through. I wonder what your keen eye would catch as whimsy in my town.