Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Festival Pictures

I don't really know what made this pink smoke, but it certainly impressed the grandchildren. In fact they were impressed with every little rinky dinky game and booth. We had a great time! As we walked up there they kept asking me: "So why are we walking up here?" and on the way home Mim got tired. A few blocks from home she kept saying: "I'm too tired, Grandma." So I encouraged her and told her she could take a nap on the guest bed when we got home. She suddenly smiled and said: "That's not the kind of tired I meant." After that, she perked up and we made it home in no time. Since then, they've played fishville, made fancy cards, eaten cupcakes, made a cat puppet out of a paper sack, eaten snacks, watched The Little Mermaid, and played with their balloons. I've finished grading one set of quarter exams and washed one load of dishes. Right now Mim is trying to talk Zaya into doing a puppet show from behind the couch, but he says that would be embarrassing. His puppet's name is Vil and hers is Naomi.


Rose said...

looks like a wonderful day. poor tired feet. rose

aftergrace said...

Fun time!