Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Window from Inside the Earth

I was sorting through old pictures today and ran across this one. It was taken from deep inside the earth--Marvel cave at Silver Dollar City to be exact, and my camera was zoomed in to capture it. I was standing on a deck-like platform and this sky was high above--completely inaccessible.
"What would it be like to live down here," I wondered, "damp and quiet and all shaded in brown, dank air without breezes, except for the periodic wing-flutters of bats headed out?"
I could see the green and yellow overhead. From far away I could even hear the strains of a lively music and the excited voices of children playing--or was that only imagined? For now it was gone.

This is our life on earth, I thought. Up there is our whole understanding of Heaven. We see so little, but even that's enough to make us want to look for a ladder.


Carina said...

I've been thinking about this a lot, lately. You captured it much more clearly than I've been able to. As usual. =)

aftergrace said...

We are but tourists on this earth, true enough.