Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Pictures

I finally got a copy of all the wedding pictures. We just bought the disc--copyright and all. Now wouldn't that have been a neat thing to do years ago at our own wedding? I'm remembering that long ago...33 years now. Actually, there are a lot of neat things you can do now with a wedding and most of them involve a computer. You can print your own programs and invitations, make announcements and updates on facebook, thereby receiving instant reactions from friends, make slide shows, post videos. Life is much more simple ...and of course more complicated at the same time. There are more pictures here than I could possible post...let me see...which ones do I put?


Lisa said...

I still have not given you your video of the kiddos walking down the aisle! I will make that a priority for this week.

Rose said...

just happy and beautiful photos. thanks. rose

aftergrace said...

Beautiful family. I can't wait to meet them all at Thanksgiving!