Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peach Products

Last night we cut up peaches and canned eight pints of peach stuff. I'm not sure whether to call it jam, preserves,cobbler filling, pie filling or waffle syrup. That will have to be decided when we open it and see how well it set up. All I know is that it tastes scrumptious. It took Turtle and me a couple of hours to peel and slice the fruit...and I wish I could say the job was finished. However, under the red checkered tablecloth, ripening quietly and steadily on the cool kitchen bar there is more fruit--demanding attention. Sigh. Why does making jam/syrup/filling/yummy peach stuff take so much work?

Ah well, school enrollment is today and students will be following bells all day tomorrow. I've papers to run off, books to find, a bulletin to revise, and a room to clean. Hopefully, by next week all the students will be sitting quietly in their desks, looking as different as my peaches on the bar. Yep, there will probably be a couple of pears in there and maybe a plum or two. They will ripen nicely...but I think the analogy had better stop there. I've philosophized myself into a corner.

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