Monday, August 2, 2010

Elijah and Marie

I keep stalling on my post about the wedding,hoping the pictures will come in. Meanwhile time is passing; the newlyweds have returned and settled cosily into their house in Lawton; we have another wedding coming up this Saturday, and school starts on Monday, the here are a couple of pictures I stole from various people on facebook. I love the joy on the couple's faces when the formal shots(posing for pictures with lots of people watching you) are all over and they are finally ready to leave all the stress as they drive away in a new car, borrowed from Marie's dad. (Both their cars are travel-worn and unreliable, so all the parents breathed a little easier to see them drive away in the new one--well, all but Marie's dad. He held his breath until they--and the new car--returned safe and sound!)


aftergrace said...

How sweet! They make a wonderful couple. :)

Rose said...

beautiful couple. I assume the car held out for this couple. Take care Roseensoe