Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Frenzy

In nine days, my son, Elijah, is getting married here in our church to Marie, who lives in the city, two hours away. Fourteen days after that, his cousin, my niece, Cordelia, is getting married in that same city. I'm trying to calmly get done what needs to be done and make lists for Elijah of things he has to do: Car in the shop, electricity switched to your name, deposits paid, gifts bought for the groomsmen, brides bouquet.
Claye is the maid of honor for Cordelia, so there are fittings. Zay and Mim are the ringbearer and flowergirl for both weddings. My sister, my daughter and I are singing in Cordelia's. There is rehearsal dinner planning, apartment/moving helping, cake recipe finding, lodging locating, insurance switching, lawn mower lending, etc. etc. etc. I filled the car with gas three times this week. It's insane. It's a beautiful fuss, though, and if I'm going to be going crazy for my children, this is a great reason.

All that to say: I haven't been blogging much lately. There'll be time for this later.


Rose said...

do what you have to do. eventually, we hope to see wedding pics. slow down, have a snack with sugar for energy. it will all work out. sounds like you have a list.

aftergrace said...

Wow! I do hope there will be photos of both events posted! We will be there in spirit!