Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunny and Stormy

I had a couple of visitors last Sunday afternoon--lovable little girls. These affectionate sisters are just eleven months apart in age, and look a lot alike, but there is a great difference in their dispositions.

Since my house is still full of toys my own grandchildren have outgrown, it was just the right mix of playthings for them. I fed them eggs, ham and orange juice--all healthy stuff, of course. Then I broke down and gave them each a handful of m and m's. Sunny saved her green ones for when Stormy began to cry for more; then she handed them over one at a time to pacify the storm. That was pretty much a pattern all day. Their mom can't figure out why the younger one cries all the time when she doesn't get what she wants. I told her to blame little Sunshine, who loves her sister and doesn't like to see her cry.

Stormy put the frog in the bucket, screwed the magnifying lid on, hung it around her neck and called it her "Ribet in a drum".

Anyway, they are precious little girls.


Carina said...

Wow! They look a lot like their Mommy!

aftergrace said...

They are darling!