Monday, December 28, 2009


Cherry cheesecake, pumpkin pie, vanilla fudge,
Peanut brittle, gooey lemon pudding sludge
Nutter butters dipped in scrumptious chocolate stuff
Pumpkin rolls...heaven knows I've had enough.

For the cheery little cheesecake promptly settled in my chin
The vanilla fudge (I only had a taste)
And the wicked chocolate stuff
( tears are falling; this is tough)
Has been permanently added to my waist.

Our Sunday Scribblings Prompt was Delicious


Anita said...

I have a few delicious things in my home that I need to resist, or at least, not to eat too much of it. :)

I found your blog while surfing, and see that you have grandkids. Take a peek at my post dated just before Christmas, about grandparents. Many have left very interesting comments. Add your feelings if you'd like. :)

keiths ramblings said...

I suddenly feel hungry!

linda may said...

Oh so naughty and tempting aren't they , and served with a platter or a few of these delicacies I know which I would go for.....unfortunately.

aftergrace said...

Well, I'm on Weight this entry made me so....sad! I do miss the good stuff.

Monica Manning said...

Honestly! Between you and Keith, how is a girl supposed to keep the weight off during the holidays?! Reading his post, I gained 10 pounds, now I've put on at least another 12 reading yours! Sheesh!! I need to go have a snack now... ;O)

Jeeves said...

Sigh! Tasty means oodles added to waist. Delicious post

Dee Martin said...

gotta wipe the drool off my keyboard. I have a theory about heaven being made of cheesecake...