Sunday, October 18, 2009

There's a Camera Lover in Every Crowd

I spent a few minutes in children's church today, taking pictures for the box they are sending overseas with Operation Christmas Child. They've decided they are going to bring toys for a little boy--cars and baseballs; marbles and lemon drops and maybe peppermints. . .and we're putting the pictures in to show what an adorable group we are. Check out the precocious little red-head in the middle, and you'll see why I call him Calvin.
(to his grandmom, if you are seeing this, relax. I'm sure it's just a phase)
Anyway, whatever it is, it is contagious...
(no, really, I prompted them on the last one)


Gel said...

These are precious. What you're doing for humanity is even better.

aftergrace said...

There's always one in every crowd-love that Calvin!