Saturday, October 3, 2009


These early fall mornings are perfect for walking around the town. Of course, I don't usually have time for that, being a working woman and all, but every morning, just about the time I go rushing out to start the Suburban, I see this determined lady walking her dogs, who seem to be delighted to be out and about. They nip at each other occasionally, but don't waste time brawling. I've never seen her use the stick anyway. Maybe it's just to keep predators away from the precious pooches.

She and I are alike, I think... except my charges nip a little louder and swap places occasionally without tangling their leashes. As long as I keep them moving swiftly along, though, they are busy, and content. I see my job as guiding, cajoling--encouraging them to follow the right paths. Yes, I do carry a big stick; mostly, it's to keep the predators away from my precious cargo.

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aftergrace said...

I can hardly handle one pup! How does she keep four in line?