Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photography Apprentice

This was the morning of the fall concert...the morning after the far-away football game...the morning after some students' cars were vandalized while they were on the bus returning from the far-away game...the morning after one senior hit a racoon on his way home, broke a hole into his radiator and sat beside the road until help arrived at two o'clock in the morning.

However, placidly unaware of these earth-shattering events, my passengers and I rode into a gorgeous orange sky on the way to school. I knew If I stopped the suburban to take pictures we might be late, so I handed my camera to the "shotgun" rider, Tori.

She took pictures through the windshield, experimenting with the night setting--which, by the way, is too blurry for a hand held snap from a moving vehicle. Here are some of her best shots.


Carina said...

I think she did a great job.

Gel said...

Oh my gosh, Tori's last two shots are BEAUTIFUL!