Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hit the Trail, Bessie

Cattle Trails are one of those things in life that seem mysterious to me. These bulky bovines have the entire field at their disposal. Yet, plodding down to the water, they stay in a line--so carefully placing their hooves that they create deep trails in the sod. Are they trying to save the grass for grazing, thus making their highways as narrow as possible? Or does the deepened rut comfort their feet with the knowledge that other cows have passed this way and survived? Humans, rushing for the water, would probably each make a beeline of his own, laying siege to the pond from every direction...maybe even staking out a claim in the form of a boat dock.

Elijah and Marie took this picture; they've developed a love for photographing the land around here. That same day, they found an old farm house in the area and took this picture of an ancient, abandoned boot.

What a hard, dry earth these prairie settlers conquered!

I loved the boot. It was like finding a footprint on the moon.


aftergrace said...

Perhaps the cows are enjoying a bit of water cooler conversation!

Carina said...

I love the old farm houses around here! I would really like to go into some of them with a metal detector and see what treasures could be unearthed.

Gel said...

Earlier this week, I saw another photo of an abandoned shoe in my blog travels. They fascinate me. Old shoes hold so much character. In a case of finding one, there's that tingling air of mystery attached to it. This is a cool photo. The background dirt, stones, and wood, all in similar colors adds to the mood. I like what you said "It was like finding a footprint on the moon."

Lilibeth said...

I wonder how long it has been there. . . and who wore it.