Monday, July 27, 2009

We Sang Far Too Late Into the Night

I'm a morning person.
Usually, I'm awake at 5:30 and have to make myself stay in bed until six. . . even in the summer.
Well, lately, I've been getting to bed later and later. Does that make me sleep longer?
Unfortunately, it doesn't. It could be that the early morning coffee calls to me. I don't know. Morning people are like that. They just wake up.

My oldest sister and her husband are here visiting from North Carolina. That's too far away. We only see them about every three years, so of course we have to visit non-stop while they are here. The kids and grandkids were over yesterday evening for the arrival of these far-flung relatives, and Zaya and Mim had a great time playing with the "weasel" their great aunt and great uncle had brought for them. They even posed for pictures. Then we went for a short evening stroll, and last night, my sister brought out some beautiful songs she had written so Elijah could help her with the computer transcription.

We sang...far too late into the night.

Still...I'm up.

Sooner or later I'm going to have to take a nap.


aftergrace said...

The reason you are sleeping later is because your pesky cousin keeps texting you at all hours of the day and night!
I'm glad you had your sis and husband to visit. They're great people..and fun too!

Lilibeth said...

Well, I wanted you to text me because I really wanted to stay caught up with what was happening so it's ok. I did go to sleep a couple of times between texts, but that little beep brought me back.