Saturday, September 3, 2016

When you have to talk non-stop about sports on national television...

I was cleaning off my computer desk and ran across a paper where I had jotted down some of the comments made by the sports announcers as the Olympic events were being played out. I know they have to fill those silent moments with incessant chatter, and that makes for some hilarious and some whimsically inane statements. Here are the ones I wrote down.
(The words in parentheses are my own comments)

Silly Questions:

"Avoiding any major mistakes. Is that important tonight?"
(No. They don't count mistakes at  Olympic competitions.)
"So would you say a majority of this competition we'll be looking at the scoreboard
after every rotation?" (along with half the world...I'm sure)

Other Observations:

"If she can stick those landings...just like she almost did there..."
                      (How do you do something just like you almost did?)
"Nothing more powerful than being the underdog."
                       (Really? Think about that one.)
"I don't know much about him but I know he's a pretty fierce competitor."
                      (Probably anyone in the finals at the Olympics is a pretty fierce competitor.)
"If you ain't first, you're last"
                       ( This would be true if there were only two competitors, I guess.)
"If he could just keep it together for one day, he's got a shot."
                       (I'm glad the athlete wasn't listening to this.)
"He's definitely one of those guys who could have a break-out moment."
                        (Again. This is the Olympics. Just any one out there could have a break-out moment.)
"Some people like to focus by not focusing." (Hmmm...)

My favorite. (He was remembering an event in his own career as a gymnast, and she, obviously not really listening.)

He: I remember standing there looking at the judges and thinking"I'm going to throw-up."
She: That's what makes an exciting competition!

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